Why on this night do we ask so many questions?

Perhaps no religious occasion is as associated with asking questions as  the Passover Seder, the ritual retelling of the Israelite's' Exodus from Egypt by means of symbolic foods and thematic conversation.   At this gathering a prime role is traditionally played by the youngest present who leads the way with what in Hebrew is called "Ma Nishtana", "what makes this night different?", but is usually referred to as "the four questions".  In fact, beginning the telling with a question is so essential, that Jewish law instructs that even two knowledgeable people sharing a seder together should ask each other these questions and, even more striking, that one person who finds him or herself celebrating the seder alone should ask the questions and then precede to answer them!....read the rest


GLT's purpose is to build a community that embraces everyone's unique story, offering meaningful Jewish insight in a personal way. We are a community of people who seek unique and dynamic personal Jewish experiences.

GLT takes a contemporary yet timeless approach to Jewish life as we search for meaningful Jewish answers to real-life questions.  Whatever your personal experience or background - traditional or not traditional, interfaith families, Jewish by choice, exploring or revisiting Jewish life  - GLT will touch your heart, mind, and soul.

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