Falling out of our chairs!  
(Plus a thought about Israel on myjewishlearning.com)

When his son's last second shot went through the net, Georgia State coach Ron Hunter literally fell out of his chair, putting what was already a dramatic moment in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament into a class by itself.  Sometimes things just come together that way, the unexpected or what seems impossible takes place and literally and figuratively or we lose our balance.  And then there's the rest of the time.  When they don't.


So which moments should we put up on a pedestal, the ones that knock us out of our chairs or the ones with feet firmly planted.  A very different convergence this Shabbat may hint at an answer.


During our morning service this Shabbat we will read from not the usual one, or the occasional two, but the extremely rare three Torah scrolls.  The reason is because of three different occasions: the ordinary weekly portion, the monthly marking of the New Moon, and the once a year celebration that it is time to prepare for the coming of Passover.   It might seem that we should give first priority to the most special occasion - the coming of Passover and make our way to the ordinary weekly reading.  ....read the rest



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