We sincerely appreciate your consideration for donating to Gesher L’Torah. We have created many different opportunities to give whatever amount you are comfortable giving, from purchasing a brick in the Holocaust Memorial Wall to a naming sponsorship of a portion of our building.  Here are a few ideas…to donate directly through this website (via PayPal), click here. Or, contact us to discuss your donation:

  1. The Yom Kippur Appeal. Every Fall, you know it’s coming. Your card will be included with your High Holiday tickets.
  2. The Tree of Life.  Located on the right side of the sanctuary, this tree is a great place to recognize a friend or family member’s birthday, anniversary, Bar or Bat-Mitzvah, graduation, newborn baby, or any other special milestone in their lives.  A leaf costs $180 (bronze), $360 (silver), or $540 (gold).
  3. The Memorial Wall.  Located on the left side of the sanctuary, this wall lights up the memory of your loved one during times of Yizkor and when you are observing a Yahrzeit.
  4. Lev Shalem.  Many of these new Mahzors (high holiday prayer books) have been in use over the past few years, and the feedback has been overwhelming.  From the rabbi to the most reform of our congregants, it is agreed that these books are amazing.  With a full supply of these books, next year’s services will be greatly enhanced as we seek ways to achieve continuous improvement at GLT.  They will be sold for $36 (less than the publisher’s normal price) and will include a sticker permanently affixed to the inside cover recognizing your family’s contribution to purchase that copy of the Lev Shalem Mahzor.
  5. The Tolerance Education Program. One of the best ways to show your support for the importance of this program and its efforts to promote awareness of the dangers of prejudice, hatred, and intolerance is to buy bricks for the Holocaust Memorial Wall, which are $100 each.  Corporate sponsorships are also available.  For more info, go to www.embracingtolerance.com.
  6. The Capital Campaign. For as long as we enjoy being in such a beautiful building, there will always be an ongoing “capital campaign”.  We raised lots of money to build the shul, but not without taking on a mortgage.  To help service that debt, and thus pay for the rest of the building that we have not yet paid off, we need increased participation in the capital campaign.  You probably noticed the beautiful plaque that was recently hung in the vestibule of the shul.  Some questions have arisen along the lines of, “How do I get my name up there?”.   The giving levels that were created in producing this plaque are:
    • VISIONARY: $250,000 and Up
    • CORNERSTONE: $100,000 – $249,999
    • PILLAR: $50,000 – $99,999
    • BUILDER: $25,000 – $49,999
    • SUPPORTER: $ 3,600 – $24,999

    Many of you have given generously to help build Gesher L’Torah, and may only need a few additional payments to have your name permanently added to this plaque.  A unique feature of the plaque is that it allows a family’s name to move to a higher giving level over time.

  7. Participate in the voluntary dues program (formerly known as Ko’ach) whereby your payment of dues in a greater amount than is required helps to support families who may be feeling significant financial struggles in these difficult economic times.
  8. The Rabbi Discretionary Fund. Donations to this fund are available to Rabbi Bernstein for him to donate to social outreach causes, families in need, etc. as he sees fit.
  9. Sponsor an Oneg. Contact us for more info.
  10. Continue to generously send in your donations in memory or honor of people. While not on a permanent fixture at the synagogue, these donations are documented in the newsletter, show community support, and are greatly appreciated by the families you are recognizing.
  11. Matchmaker Campaign. Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld is a survivor of Auschwitz, a witness to the Jewish world that vanished from Europe, and a man who has written several books about what Judaism teaches us about how to be a mensch and how to do good in the world. A GLT regular, he embodies our people’s past, our synagogue’s present, and an inspiration for the future of what we can become. And by dedicating an annual $120,000 endowment, we will say to him the traditional blessing, “May you see 120 years”, grant him a Lifetime Membership to GLT, and ensure that we too can see another 120 years. The GLT Board of Trustees has committed to donate up to $60,000 in matching donations. This means that for every dollar you donate, it will equal $2. Whether it is $1/day or $5/day or more, please help us get to our goal so we can maintain and grow everything that GLT has to offer. Contact the synagogue office to arrange your contribution.
  12. Your time. Sometimes the most generous gift of all.
  13. Congregation Gesher L’Torah at the North Fulton Jewish Center, Inc. (our legal name) would be honored to be a named beneficiary as you manage your estate planning.

To donate directly through our website (via PayPal), click here.