Soulful Notes: What Lew Soloff z"l Taught Me


You probably have heard Lew Soloff play even if perhaps you have not heard of him.  Lew was a gifted and prolific trumpet player who played with some of the greatest artists of recent times including Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and Tito Puente.  He is best known for his solo on Blood, Sweat, and Tears iconic Spinning wheel but also laid down the trumpet solo on Paul Simon's "You Can Call me Al."  

Last month at the age of 75 he passed away suddenly from an apparent heart attack while walking in his native Brooklyn.  Just a short time before his untimely death, he came down to Alpharetta and played at the exquisite Velvet Note, a Jazz club whose lush acoustic living room makes you forget you are in a strip mall off of Old Milton Parkway.  That last stand in the Atlanta area I had the privilege of seeing him perform first with my wife Tracie and then again than with both Mordechai Rosenstein, the artist who had been showing his work in our synagogue and my daughter Liana, a then 9 year old aspiring trumpet player.  Lew took the time to recognize her and encourage her in practicing her instrument and in putting herself into whatever music she wanted to play. the rest




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