Two weeks of preschool and everyone is doing great!! The big kids (froggys) are the most social bunch of all. They have much to share and each story is so important. Ms. Sarah may have to incorporate designated days for sharing so that they can get through circle and onto their small group activities. The Froggys created a time capsule with information about themselves that they will open on the last day of school to see how much they have grown.

The bears class has been a joy to visit. They each get a chance to have personal time with Ms. Jill and Ms. Suzanne. They have become so independent with taking care of their belongings and they are following the class schedule without any trouble. One activity they have truly enjoyed is drawing/writing in shaving cream on the tables. It always smells so clean on shaving cream days. They have also enjoyed the dress up clothes. So fun to watch their “characters” come alive when they dress up.

The Fishy class has adjusted well to the start of school, maybe even better than some of the mommies. For some this is the first time they have been away from their parents, however our loving teachers have warmly welcomed each child into their environment with lots of fun and engaging activities. The sensory table seems to be a big hit for the Fishy class.

The Bumbleebee class is running so smoothly. They are settling in nicely and doing a great job learning the daily routine. They have enjoyed music with Ms. Jessica and movement with Ms. Robin. Painting their hands and feet brought smiles and giggles as a new experience for them.

It is great having the kids back in school and watching all of them grow in friendships with each other. We are looking forward to a terrific school year.

We still have openings in the Bumbleebee (18m-23m), Fishy (2’s) and Bear (3’s) classes. If anyone is interested in a tour please contact the preschool director, Jennifer Bouknight at

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