Our Religious School is designed to have a unique hands-on curriculum that creates learning and a love for Judaism within the individual child. Our judaics curriculum is divided into grade levels in order to meet the needs of each child. Each grade level has material which focuses on Jewish Values, Relationship with God, Torah and Israel. Our hebrew curriculum is divided by level and grade, allowing students to learn Hebrew and Prayer at their own pace.

Vision Statement

At Congregation Gesher L’Torah Religious School, our students and their families engage in meaningful Jewish learning and living. Students develop a strong Jewish identity, a sense of community, and the skills and knowledge to practice Judaism, all within an environment that inspires students to live a Jewish Life.

It is our goal that:

Our students graduate with a strong foundation of Torah, Hebrew, T’filah (prayer), and Halacha, based on Conservative Judaism
Our students graduate with positive feelings about their Religious School experience and a strong sense of community.
Our faculty develops meaningful relationships with our students and serves as role models for them.
Our Education leaders couldn't decide on their annual group Purim Carnival costume...

Our Education leaders couldn’t decide on their annual group Purim Carnival costume…

Our faculty uses creative approaches to excite, enrich and engage our students and their families through their participation in experiential learning. With the guidance and encouragement of the Education Board, our Board of Trustees and our Rabbi, we have developed an innovative and dynamic program.

Our dynamic two track program creates an environment to meet todays competing demands on our students time.

We’re excited to offer a range of family programsOur family education programs were created to give families an opportunity to learn together. This enables them to learn new concepts and create new traditions within the Jewish community as well as the home. The programs consist of hands-on-learning and projects that are done together with the parent and the child.  and school-wide programsOur school wide programs are student based and involve the entire Religious school. The students participate in informal experiential learning outside of the classroom with the rest of the school. The programs are designed for learning larger concepts that connect to the grade level curriculum., including the shofar and matzah factories and a Lag B’Omer field day.