The goal of Gesher L’Torah’s Hebrew curriculum is to cultivate fluent prayer reading with comprehension and familiarity with our worship services. We use the Behrman House series Kol Yisrael for texts. These texts use kid-friendly language to explore the meanings of and reasons behind prayer – so students understand the words they are saying and why we pray.

Our curriculum draws life lessons from the prayers (we show loyalty to God when we pursue peace and justice; we are a unique people and it is our duty to contribute goodness to the world) – so our students understand how prayers can help each of us act like a mensch.

The structure and methods of our program create a unique environment with an integrated learning model. We use traditional (pencil-to-paper) and new (mouse-to-screen) techniques to extend our learning from the classroom to the home. This also allows for students of varying learning styles and capabilities to progress at their own pace.

Our hebrew program uses an internet based online learning center to facilitate homework for all students.